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Fly Boy Review


Fly Boy

Written By: Nicole Austin

The Hussies series

Paranormal/Time travel

ISBN# 978-1-41991-716-5

Reviewed By: Deb



Twyla May MacAlister hussy warrior knew what failure to this mission meant, it meant the end to her.

Great Warrior who travel to where she was needed, fighting her own past demons along the way.

With this big mission upon them she did not how ever need a dark sexy as hell man clouding her brain waves.

Jhet Ramsey did what he did best, he kicked ass and took names. Agreeing on this next mission just might be his last. Recruiting his own team was easy having the woman you grew to care about on your team proved to be a challenge especial when she came in the form of a goddess.


Twyla, Jhet and team set to to rescue Randolph Hillman, computer guru to keep an top secret military program from entering the wrong hands. Jhet and Twyla both dealt with their demons of the past as they seek the end to this mission. The question is can they all escape with their lives to see if it will be Jhet or Twyla who gives in first.


Fly Boy is an amazing fast pace short book, that will keep on the edge till the very last page.


Nicole Austin is truly Sensational! What she brings to her books simply always amazes me.


By The Book Review


By The Book

Written by: Dee Dawning

ISBN# 1-60601-081-6

Erotic/ Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by :Deb

4 Moons


Sarah loved her husband, she wanted to add some life to their love making.

She knew Danny would have a problem with what she was about to suggest but in the end he would know it was for them both.


Danny knew by the look on his wifes face she was serious, but he could not help but laugh a little. But who was he to deny his wife wants. Her pleasure was his.


Danny and Sarah needed a change the passion put back into their lovemaking. Who knew reading from a romance novel would do that and more.

Once Danny finds out the truth can he live with it and accept it, or will he lose everything he loves.


By The Book was a truly fantastic read!

Dee captures your attention , then holds it to the last page.


Dee Dawning is Passion at it’s best!! Come feel the sizzle.

Bid For Love Review


Bid for Love

Written By: Savannah Chase


Romance/ Contemporary

Reviewed By: Deb



Nico worked at Tranton and Ass. thought of herself as a plain jane, so one who went unnoticed. She was so wrong there was someone who noticed her, a person that wanted to share his desire an passion for her.


Jeff owner of Landspree Construction was in love with someone he could not even bring himself to talk to , how unreal was that.

Nico was who he thought of 24/7 when he was not thinking of work, but when ever around her he became tongue tied.


Jeff was named one of New Yorks 10 sexy eligible bachelor’s and was asked to participate in an auction for charity, he agreed to do it, but what he did not know could make his fantasies come true.

Nico knew her friends were up to something but knew they would never tell what it was. In one moment her life crashing in, she thought she lost the man of her heart forever.

At a Valentine Auction who knows what you could go home with of whom.


Bid For Love is an extraordinary love story that will capture your heart.


Savannah Chase brings passion and heart to this marvelous short love story.


Forbidden Passion Review


Forbidden Passion

Written By: Dee Dawning

Reviewed By: Deb

3 Moons


Prince Mitheas was caught having passionate sex with a Fala out of season, which was against the law in Saaamal. All Mitheas was thinking about was pleasuring the Fala of his heart.


Adalina was a Fala of Galans, She met Prince Mitheas and her passion stirred for the prince.


Long ago there was a plague that brought heartache and death . Lor D`ana made it a law that anyone having sex would be punished. He never thought it would be his own grandson breaking that law.

It was up to Prince Mitheas and Adalina to prove that passionate delights that a man and woman shared would not cause death but cause a pleasure that no one could ever describe into words. To save a dying race they must prevail.


Forbidden Passion was magical


Dee Dawning is a true pleasure to read.

Gabriel’s Gun Review


Gabriel’s Gun

Written By: Deb

ISBN# 978-1-935013-20-4


Reviewed By: Deb

4 Moons


Gabriel’s Horn

Raquel knew her husband Justin was sleeping around, now she was off to prove it. In the end what she got that night was more than she bargained for.


Across the bar his dark looks, stark blue eyes drew her to him.


Gabriel took his time playing with Raquel knowing she could not say no to him. He had a jump to do.


It was all about the Money!

Raquel could not believe the rat bastard!

Now what was Raquel going to do, she was out to catch her husband doing the dirty deed and here she was caught in the same game.

Justin’s words came back to her mind, “Get some rest, I will be back later.”

Raquel wondered Why?



Gabriel’s Gun



Movie star Jillian Traynor went into seclusion after her life was threatened until they found out who wanted her dead.


When she exited the chopper she was met by a man who hid behind mirrored glasses. Jillian did not like being ignored, very soon she will let Mr. Gabriel know just that.


Gabe knew he took this job for the money but he did not know was how much fun he would have getting a rise out of Miss, Jillian Traynor the Movie star.


Jillian could not hide the passion she was feeling for Gabe, the man can literally make you cum just by looking at you. How dare he play with her and toss her aside. Upon waking Gabe was gone.

Alone,devastated Jillian must find herself and bounce back some how.



Both these stories are magnificent! You can feel the hatred and passion sizzling between Gabe and his ladies.


Tess MacKall is Hot Hot Hot!! not a author to be missed.

Brothers at Arms {The Chariot} by Desiree Lee, Review


Brothers at Arms

The Chariot

Desiree Lee


Reviewed By: Deb

4 Moons


Julio Mendoza worked as a security guard, he also had his passion for his art. But in a blink of an eye he world would be turned upside down, with his future hanging in the balance.


Michelle Bryson, an 158 yr. old vampire as a first year seeker she wanted to prove herself. When the time came she did exactly that in the end it almost cost her everything she holds dear.


It has been 250 years ago when the first war between the two houses began. Two twin brothers link in more ways then one, they sought out each other for betrayal. The Arcee Brothers Francois and Pierre own each a house doing battle with each other over the love of a woman.

Julio upon finding a tarot card in his mail box had no idea what he was in for. The battle was just beginning. He was the Keeper of the card, next in line to pass on all he learned on to the next keeper.

He knew the battle would come to his town St. Petersburg, Florida God Help them all.

In the end he knew what he had to do but it might cost him the one only thing he had left dear to his heart, but he knew by doing this he was saving her.


Brothers at Arms {The Chariot} was magnificent! I was feeling the story from the beginning, the pull Julio was feeling by doing what he wanted and what was right for his and everyones future.


Desiree Lee is astounding! She writes with a imaginative pen. Holding her readers in suspense till the last page.