Brothers at Arms {The Chariot} by Desiree Lee, Review


Brothers at Arms

The Chariot

Desiree Lee


Reviewed By: Deb

4 Moons


Julio Mendoza worked as a security guard, he also had his passion for his art. But in a blink of an eye he world would be turned upside down, with his future hanging in the balance.


Michelle Bryson, an 158 yr. old vampire as a first year seeker she wanted to prove herself. When the time came she did exactly that in the end it almost cost her everything she holds dear.


It has been 250 years ago when the first war between the two houses began. Two twin brothers link in more ways then one, they sought out each other for betrayal. The Arcee Brothers Francois and Pierre own each a house doing battle with each other over the love of a woman.

Julio upon finding a tarot card in his mail box had no idea what he was in for. The battle was just beginning. He was the Keeper of the card, next in line to pass on all he learned on to the next keeper.

He knew the battle would come to his town St. Petersburg, Florida God Help them all.

In the end he knew what he had to do but it might cost him the one only thing he had left dear to his heart, but he knew by doing this he was saving her.


Brothers at Arms {The Chariot} was magnificent! I was feeling the story from the beginning, the pull Julio was feeling by doing what he wanted and what was right for his and everyones future.


Desiree Lee is astounding! She writes with a imaginative pen. Holding her readers in suspense till the last page.


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