Gabriel’s Gun Review


Gabriel’s Gun

Written By: Deb

ISBN# 978-1-935013-20-4


Reviewed By: Deb

4 Moons


Gabriel’s Horn

Raquel knew her husband Justin was sleeping around, now she was off to prove it. In the end what she got that night was more than she bargained for.


Across the bar his dark looks, stark blue eyes drew her to him.


Gabriel took his time playing with Raquel knowing she could not say no to him. He had a jump to do.


It was all about the Money!

Raquel could not believe the rat bastard!

Now what was Raquel going to do, she was out to catch her husband doing the dirty deed and here she was caught in the same game.

Justin’s words came back to her mind, “Get some rest, I will be back later.”

Raquel wondered Why?



Gabriel’s Gun



Movie star Jillian Traynor went into seclusion after her life was threatened until they found out who wanted her dead.


When she exited the chopper she was met by a man who hid behind mirrored glasses. Jillian did not like being ignored, very soon she will let Mr. Gabriel know just that.


Gabe knew he took this job for the money but he did not know was how much fun he would have getting a rise out of Miss, Jillian Traynor the Movie star.


Jillian could not hide the passion she was feeling for Gabe, the man can literally make you cum just by looking at you. How dare he play with her and toss her aside. Upon waking Gabe was gone.

Alone,devastated Jillian must find herself and bounce back some how.



Both these stories are magnificent! You can feel the hatred and passion sizzling between Gabe and his ladies.


Tess MacKall is Hot Hot Hot!! not a author to be missed.


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