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Hurricane Winds


Title: Hurricane Winds
Author: Cheri Valmont
Genre: Cajun Erotica book #4
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
ISBN #: 978-1-60313-304-3
Book Format: Ebook
Page Count: 169
Reviewer: Deb
Rating: 5 Moons

Tanner Sandoval came home to Lafayette to start fresh, what he found was a job he was made for and one sassy lady that made his mouth water. Tanner has blond hair, green eyes and a body that could make the strongest woman crave. There was one woman he’d like to get attention from but Miss Carrie Ann Horville was a counter diction he planned to figure out soon.

Carrie Ann Horville with her dark looks and soul reaching brown eyes knew she was in trouble the first time she met Tanner. She and her twin brother had the power to feel and sense things from people. Tanner was a man with secrets, Carrie was not going to give her heart a chance to find out what they were.

Carrie, knew she was in trouble when she and Tanner first shared their passion, but yet she could not trust what she felt for him, once you got burned it was hard to trust again. Could she really open her heart and let another man in?? What she feels for Tanner was 100 times more intense then what she felt with Steve. She was afraid Tanner could really destroy her heart for good. Tanner knew Carrie could be stubborn, but she was driving him crazy. Their weekend of passion was more than he could have ever hoped for. He opened her shell; Carrie thrived as she learned on what it means to be a submissive. He knew she held secrets as well as he held them to. Could they open up to each other, to lean on each other for the support they both need? With Hurricane Brenda upon them, let’s see if these two can keep their heads above weather long enough to tell each other their secrets and see where their passion will take them.

Hurricane Winds, was a sensual story that had great sparkling passion. You could just feel the fire in Tanner’s eyes when he bored down on Carrie. HOT! Cheri Valmont, is as HOT as her Books are! I was amazed at finding myself unable to put this book down. I enjoyed it! One question though, Miss. Valmont is Corey going to have his own story?


Pleasure After The Pain


  Pleasure After the Pain by Savannah Chase
Title: Pleasure After The Pain
Author: Savannah Chase
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Release Date: September 2008
ISBN: 978-1-60435-201-6
Book Format: Ebook
Page Count: 22 pages
Reviewer: Deb
Rating: 3 Moons

Jack was a tattoo artist. He enjoyed what he did; that is, until the day Serena walked through the door of his shop.

Serena knew she was crazy to let her friend talk her into this. Now that they were here, there was no turning back.

Serena found the tattoo she wanted, and now all she had to do is convince Jack to do it. Jack tried to warn her but Serena would not listen. Having no choice, Jack gave her what she wanted; now all he could do was wish her luck.

Pleasure After The Pain was a short story. It packed a sensual punch that will have you wanting more. It had me wanting to know the whole story behind the amazing tattoo. Savannah Chase is one hot firecracker! She is new to the author world, she is one to watch.

Spanish Topaz



Title: Spanish Topaz

Author: Regina Carlysle

Publisher: Elora’s Cave

Genre: Erotic/Paranormal

Release Date: Nov 2008

ISBN #: 978-1-419981667

Book Format: E book

Page Count: 44 pages

Reviewer: Deb

Rating: 5 moons




Cash Carter owned the “Classic Cash Ranch” He was indeed one hot cowboy with green eyes and blond hair that would make any female pant.


Graciela Fuentes was smart as she was beautiful. She has had dreams all her life of a woman speaking to her. As an archaeologist specialist, when she received a call from Cash about some dagger, she was naturally interested.


Cash and Gracie were in each others life since they were children. Gracie parents worked on the ranch. As they grew their passion for each other grew as well. With Gracie going off to school and Cash staying to run the ranch, they got together when they could. Cash found a dagger, which would hold secrets beyond his and Gracie’s belief. The dagger held a soul of Miguel De Castillo after a priest curse his soul into it. Now looking to join his wife, he has joined Cash and Gracie in unbelievably unbridled passion to free his and his wife’s souls. Can these three create enough passion to bring the two lost lovers back together? After it is all said and done can Cash convince Gracie she belongs to him?


Spanish Topaz is a story not to be missed, enchanting. I was truly captured in this intriguing story of love renewed, love rekindled. The Mystery unfolds as Gracie returns home. Regina Carlysle writes with a passionate pen. Miss Carlysle has a talent for creating dynamic couples, with intriguing plots. Come try this passionate author.

Santa’s Elf



TITLE: Santa’s Elf

AUTHOR : Qwilla Rain



ISBN: 978-1-59632-676-3




RATING: 5 moons


Elfina Jefferies, Chestnut hair, jade green eyes to draw any man to his knees. Elf worked as Dayton’s right hand for three years. Working with Dayton everyday wanting him was driving Elf nuts, she needed a plan.

 Dayton Kringle loved making toys since he was a boy. With a name like Kringle it’s only fitting he would own a toy store. Dayton was shocked to learn he had sensual feelings for Elf. Never having feelings like this toward another woman Dayton was at a lost. He only hoped when the chips were down he and Elf come out winning.

 Dayton, pulsed Dom, he could have any woman but for three years he wanted Elf, mind set Dayton smiled as he set his plans into motion.

Elf being a innocent never knew the passion she felt for Dayton could be so feirce , in some ways it scared her. Upon seeing the first mysterious gift at her desk, Elf found herself shocked at what was inside. Can Elf keep her heart out of it? Can Dayton trust himself to let Elf in ?

 Santa’s Elf is Hot, Hot, Hot!! Not a Christmas story for the faint of heart. Make sure you have ice on hand.

 Qwillia Rain, a bright shiny star. An author not to miss.

Scorpio Risen



TITLE:Scorpio Risen

AUTHOR : Desiree Lee

GENRE: Paranormal Romance






RATING: 4 moons



Deylen lost his parents to an enemy a different clan they were Were spiders Koda their leader was involved some how and Deylen would find out the truth.

Now he was the Alpha of his clan as his father raised him to be. Now Daylen finds himself at war with the weresiders and the one woman ho has his soul.


Seneca McLane was a beautiful and smart lady,with her green eyes and raven black hair she could make any man pant. There is one man she would love to make pant for her. She knew she took this job for the money to put her through school but she had no idea there would be such a bonus like Deylen Troika.


Working together, Deylen and Seneca plan to make themselves some money but what they did not know was Deylens enemy Koda was lying in wait. Koda knows Deylen will do anything to save his mate. Can Deylen make it in time to save Seneca? Will Seneca be willing to except what Deylen is after the frighting experience she had being kidnapped by a Werespider?

Come read this unique were shifter book to find out.


Scorpio Risen will have you on edge till you turn the last page. It is a wonderfully different Were story that has some interesting characters. Deylen and Seneca passion for each other can be felt from the first moment they meet in the lab. But will that passion be enough?


Desiree Lee is phenomenal!! The way her mind spins out the story and captures the reader with in the words, spine tingling.


Des, I love this series, is there another one to come?













My Hawaiian Song of Love



TITLE: My Hawaiian Song of Love

AUTHOR :AJ Llewellyn

GENRE: Gay Romance,menage a trios

RELEASE DATE: July 15,2008

ISBN: 978-1-55487-091-2




RATING: 5 moons




Katie did not know what to do being left on in the cold by her boyfriend? Upon moving from California to Waikiki, the jerk dumped her. What was she going to do now?

In walks Nohea, the man could stop a woman’s heart with just a smile. A man in love with the sea he shows Katie seduction at it’s finest.

After meeting Kahanu, Katie falls head over heels. She knows that Kahanu has many secrets her only hope is that one day he will share them with her.

Will their cold and hot relationship hold up after she finds out what Kahanu is keeping from her?

Will Katie be able to accept, and open herself to be loved?

Kahanu along with Nohea will temp her beyond belief, show her what their passion can bring to them all. In the end the question will come but for now Katie wanted what they offered . Katie let herself go and lost herself in them.

I could not stop reading this book. I will always remember this series for ever.

Mr. Llewellyn, you are a true blessing to the writing world. All who reads your work will walk away with the knowledge that with the love for what you enjoy doing will always bring you and others true happiness.

Cheers! on yet another fantastic book.

My Hawaiian Song of Love with a mix of romance and menage, this story has something for everyone who enjoys great erotica. Mr. AJ Llewellyn creates passionate characters that pull you into their stories and have you cheering them on.

With this being book #5 in the “Phantom Lover Series” I am sure there is more to come in this series from Mr Llewellyn.




Temtping Tess / Regina Carlysle



TITLE :Tempting Tess

AUTHOR :Regina Carlysle

GENRE : Contemporary


ISBN: 9781419916069




RATING: 5 Moons


Tess Garrity at 45 she became a widow . Two years later she need to know where her life was going.

Sure she loved her husband but now it was just her. Tess packed her bags then headed off to Rouidoso, New Mexico.


Daniel Rois,black hair,deep soul drowning eyes he was 6ft3inches of gorgeous hot male. He lived in Rouidoso, New Mexico. Working with his hands he created beauty.


Daniel rented one of his cabins to Tess, taken aback by her looks Daniel was 35 years old, and he never thought he would fall head over heels for a woman. Tess got a glimpse of her neighbor how has stared in my of her dreams. Tess new he was younger then her, but she could not quit thinking of him.

Now together they explore their passion for each other along the way they fall deeply for one another, but can that be enough? With Tess being 10years Daniel’s senior will the age difference come between them?

Come read this wonderful book to find out. You wont be able to put it down. I know I couldn’t.


Tempting Tess is a heart stirring story that proves even when you think you lost your only love, you can find something new. Tess found herself and Daniel along the way.


Regina Carlysle, creates scorching heat that sizzles through our veins.