Scorpio Risen



TITLE:Scorpio Risen

AUTHOR : Desiree Lee

GENRE: Paranormal Romance






RATING: 4 moons



Deylen lost his parents to an enemy a different clan they were Were spiders Koda their leader was involved some how and Deylen would find out the truth.

Now he was the Alpha of his clan as his father raised him to be. Now Daylen finds himself at war with the weresiders and the one woman ho has his soul.


Seneca McLane was a beautiful and smart lady,with her green eyes and raven black hair she could make any man pant. There is one man she would love to make pant for her. She knew she took this job for the money to put her through school but she had no idea there would be such a bonus like Deylen Troika.


Working together, Deylen and Seneca plan to make themselves some money but what they did not know was Deylens enemy Koda was lying in wait. Koda knows Deylen will do anything to save his mate. Can Deylen make it in time to save Seneca? Will Seneca be willing to except what Deylen is after the frighting experience she had being kidnapped by a Werespider?

Come read this unique were shifter book to find out.


Scorpio Risen will have you on edge till you turn the last page. It is a wonderfully different Were story that has some interesting characters. Deylen and Seneca passion for each other can be felt from the first moment they meet in the lab. But will that passion be enough?


Desiree Lee is phenomenal!! The way her mind spins out the story and captures the reader with in the words, spine tingling.


Des, I love this series, is there another one to come?













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