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Blood & Mint Chocolates



TITLE: Blood & Mint Chocolates

AUTHOR: Adrianne Brennan

GENRE Paranormal/Vampire

Freya’s Bower


ISBN: 978-1-935013-44-0




RATING: 4 Moons


Meridith a vampire of the Clan Gladius she was well respected, librarian to the Clan. Even a vampire

woman has a few passions one of Meri’s is mint chocolates, the slow melting texture and the tingle of mint, to hard to pass up. Meri’s other passion is a little more difficult.

Kalia the magistra of the Clan Corvus, She was a stunning beauty with her glossy short black cap of hair and sensual curvy body. She could make man of woman’s blood heat.

Upon meeting Kalia at the Masquerade ball all Meri’s fantasies came to life. Both of them seeking passions from each other their bond grew. With a need to feed they set off to find a will person for each of them, who the found was Steve and Erin. After, feeding from Steve, the ladies wanted to have fun with Erin, who seemed to know what they were.

They need to keep a open link with Erin since she knew they were vampires. Meri linked with her as she drank from Erin, upon doing so Meridith found danger awaiting both Clans.

After Meridith’s return home she received a summons to join the magistra of Clan Corvus.

What would it be like seeing Kalia again? Could Kalia share the same feelings for Meridith?

When Meridith tells what she seen in her vision will they be able to save both Clans from destruction?


Blood & Mint Chocolates the story is fast the sex is oh so hot..don’t miss out. It will have you craving more than chocolate. It will leave you wanting .

Adrianne Brennan is a sensual treat, as a reviewer I will never get enough of.. Miss Brennan delivers on all counts.