Runaway Man by Jambrea Jo Jones











TITLE : Runaway Man

AUTHOR : Jambrea Jo Jones


PUBLISHER : Freya’s Bower

RELEASE DATE: February 3rd





RATING: 4 moons


Butch could not believe what he had seen, it was just to way out there. Could it be possible? How could he not tell him? All Butch did know is that he had to run, and think.

He love Mitch, that he knew but why the secrets.


Mitch was lost without Butch, he had to find out why he left and pray that he would stay after he knew Mitch’s family secret. Finding Butch in the state he was in shocked Mitch. Mitch just prayed that help found them soon. He could not lose his mate again, he wanted to howl!


Now that Butch knows Mitch’s secret will he be able to come to turns with it? Will Mitch be able to let his mate go? Only time and love will tell.


Running Man is a sweet romance that had me reaching for the tissues. Butch and Mitch are two very strong characters that I would love to see more of.


Jambrea Jo Jones, is a brilliant fresh author. This being her second book I for one am looking forward to reading her next book. She adds some new life into this reviewer.

Kudos Jambrea girl you are on your way.





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