Rough Cut by Mari Carr

Rough Cut by Mari Carr
Avalible at Samhain
Rated 4 Moon!

If there is an award for the most intence romance book written for 2010, Rough Cut would be it.
Mari Carr, brought two amazing characters together; added a dash of sensualality, a pinch of BDSM and it all adds up to one amazing story.
Ty and Gwen are truly fabulous. Gwen had me cheering for her from the begining when she let Ty in on her secret. I wanted to say I admire the compassion, Mari Carr put into her hero. You could really feel Ty’s feelings for Gwen. Ty, is so HOT! oh the things he can make ZGwen do.
Rough Cut is a short story but, what it lacks in length it makes up for in passion, heart and a touch of kink. 🙂
Mari Carr is as sweet and charming as her stories.


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