Turn it On by Vivian Arend

Turn it On by Vivian ArendTurner Twins:Book 1
Available at Samhain
Rated 5 Moons!

Vivian Arend is as brilliant as her stories. Turn it On is not exception. It’s a story with a lot of heart; along with some amazing sizzling scenes.
Ryan and Max’s story is full of heart, and mystery. Maxine, has some trouble ahead, not with just someone scarying her, but with what Ryan makes her feel. Oh the things Ryan can do with his mouth, would make the strongest of women crumble. Add a crazy family like the Turners and you get one interesting story.
Ryan, is someone that wants much more then he is aware of. I must say the scene’s with Carl and Ryan is heart renching. I like the fact that Ms.Arend gives us the information and background as well. It helps me connect and understand as I read along.
Turn it On is a delightfully sexy read, that I for one will be rereading again. Vivian Arend, writes with a brilliant pen, her stories have so much to give to the readers who read her works.


Kate’s Crew by Jayne Rylon

Kate’s Crew by Jayne Rylon
Available at Samhain
Rated 41/2 Moons!
Kate’s Crew is a spell binding erotica sure to make you squirm! Jayne Rylon creates a decandant world of sensual lust combined with heart. Kate and Mike have great chemistry but can Kate let loose and take what she desires? Is it even possible? Mike thinks he can convince her. Kate and Mike are the main characters in this book but the second level are just as powerful. They are HOT, and full of mischief. Joe, Dave, Neil and James all different in their own special ways and just as delicious as Mike.
If you like short spicy trips to Nirvana then Kate’s Crew is your sweet ticket. Jayne Rylon fills your fantasies with dark pleasures and delights.

Rough Cut by Mari Carr

Rough Cut by Mari Carr
Avalible at Samhain
Rated 4 Moon!

If there is an award for the most intence romance book written for 2010, Rough Cut would be it.
Mari Carr, brought two amazing characters together; added a dash of sensualality, a pinch of BDSM and it all adds up to one amazing story.
Ty and Gwen are truly fabulous. Gwen had me cheering for her from the begining when she let Ty in on her secret. I wanted to say I admire the compassion, Mari Carr put into her hero. You could really feel Ty’s feelings for Gwen. Ty, is so HOT! oh the things he can make ZGwen do.
Rough Cut is a short story but, what it lacks in length it makes up for in passion, heart and a touch of kink. 🙂
Mari Carr is as sweet and charming as her stories.

“Hot Shot”

















Author MJ Fredrick
Samhain Publishing
ISBN# 1-60504-105-x
Reviewed by: Deb

5 moons, but deserverd more


Gabe Cooper loved his job, being a “Hot Shot” After losing his wife to his best friend, he was not looking forward to joining them as a team again.

Gage, was easy on the ladies eyes, many of the female recruits all but melted at his feet. “Hero” worship some say.

There was one thing he hated more than anything and that was reporters.

Peyton Michaels a newspaper reporter, was given an assignment to write an article on brave everyday hero’s.

What she did not exspect was the out and out rudeness of the head crew cheif “Cooper”. Men like that she knew all about, her husband was like that.

“Live for the Job” until the day he died.

Gabe and Peyton find themselves in the middle of a hot zone,not only battling fires but battling the passion that has consumed them. Among fighting what they feel for each other a problems has arrive, an arsonist was staring fires, the outcome doesn’t look good for Doug a smokejumper{cooper’s ex wifes new husband} Can Cooper put aside what happened in the past to help an innocent man? Peyton had a dission to make, can she stay with cooper, knowing that one day she could the call saying he had been killed in the line of duty?


Passions and fires burn highly in “Hot Shot” come read this sizzling book. It will have you setting on the edge of your seat.

MJ Fredrick is truly BRLLIANT! One of the best authors this reviewer had ever read.








Robert’s Story















Robert’s Story

Author: Kissa Starling


ISBN# 978-1-60435-212-2

Genre: BDSM


Reviewed By: Deb

4 Moons



Robert loved his wife without a doubt, he new Nicole would do anything for him. Well almost anything.

She was the most amazing submissive, but their love pushed the boundaries of Master and submissive.

Robert had a needle play obsession, with his wife being so highly afraid of needles can he convince her that he would never do anything to harm her?


Nicole loved Robert beyond anything. She knew there was something Robert enjoyed that she could not give him or could she? With a plan set in place, Nicole was about to give her husband a surprise truly to make his night. The question is will she come out of it on the winning end?


Robert knew his wife had plan the evening he had always wanted but in truth no matter what Robert loved his wife.

Now with tears in her eyes will Nicole grant her husband his only obsession?

Read this wonderful emotional story to find out.


Robert’s Story is an amazing story of the love and passion between a man and woman. It shows us that beyond anything Love if truly meant will with stand anything.

Robert’s Story gets an A+ from this reviewer!


Kiss Starling is Fantastic! She is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.


Sinful Temptation by: Cassidy McKay














TITLE: Sinful Temptation

AUTHOR : Cassidy McKay

GENRE : Erotica/ Paranormal

Resplendence Publishing

RELEASE DATE: January 20, 2009

SKU# 94-201-101-437-1




RATING: 4 moons



Jenn Amante thought she was not much to look at with her brown hair and hazel eyes, if it was not clear to her then it was now. He ex decide blond and bouncy was the way to go.

Jenn had no use for men after that, so when her friend wanted her to try a phone sex company she thought she was nuts.

Jenn had no idea how sinful she could be, will she set her inner tigress free?


Nick Germaine, proud owner of “Sinful Temptation’s” Nick had all the women around him drooling after him with his silk voice, melt in your month body. He sure did pack a punch.

Nick always held himself in check with his clients, but a little mouse got under his skin.


Nick wanted a change, he always wanted to own a house in the country what better place to start at then a real state office. Upon entering the Worthy Real State office he was greeting by a beautiful receptionist , her smile brighten up the office. It was not till he spied the name on her desk did he start to wonder if this one was his little mouse.

Only time would tell and he had plenty of it.

On top of everything that was happening Nick and Jenn find themselves starring down a loaded gun barrel.

Apparently Nick was not the only one who did not like to share.

Well they make it out alive? Will Jenn except Nick for who he is? If Nick has his way she will.


Sinful Temptation is delightfully funny and hotter then sin! The Characters are pure heaven.

This is one book not to be missed.


Cassidy McKay writes about real people you can fall in love with. Say yes to temptation!

Note to Cassidy:

Tess sounds like our Tess ;0

Mistress Of Purgatory Point by Adriana Kraft











TITLE: Mistress Of Purgatory Point

AUTHOR: Adriana Kraft

GENRE : Romance, Paranormal, Contemporary, Ghost, BDSM, Menage


RELEASE DATE: January 1,2009

ISBN: 1-55487-217-6




RATING: 5 Moons, wish I could give more!


Martha Richards at 48, Martha never thought of herself as a beautiful woman with her red gold hair, she thought herself as ordinary.

She would soon see that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

After losing her preacher husband, Martha need a change, to get away from the probing eyes of the church. She set off to find what she wanted , freedom.


Dan Ford gorgeous US forest service man, Dan loved his job the peacefulness.

When Dan stumbled upon his new neighbor he never thought he would become a should we say “peeping US forest man” he could not get her out of his mind, she was something, Dan knew he had to have her. What he did not know was he had composition already.


Ben and Stella were the ghost of Purgatory Manor, Martha could not believe her eyes.

Stella and Ben put all their trust into Martha freeing them from years stuck at Purgatory Manor.

Martha doubting herself worth did not think she could help free them, but she was willing or should I say made to help them.

Dan knew he wanted Martha from the beginning, what he did not know was what a sexy siren she was. She was tempting him in every way possible, what man could resist?

Knowing her plight, can Martha convince Dan that the ghost were real?

Could she love a man that much again, to help these ghost free themselves?

Could Dan finally tell Martha about his past? Will she want him after she knew his secret?

Come read “Mistress of Purgatory Point” to find out.

All I can say is Passion, Love, and Ghost oh my!


Mistress Of Purgatory Point has everything ; sizzling sex, delightful characters, sassy ghost this book is a treat from beginning to end.

Come meet three sexy individuals and their ghost to see what I mean.


Adriana Kraft is one of the most sensually brilliant authors of our times! Raves this reviewer.

Her talent for letting you build the scene in your head as it plays out on the pages..sighhh I must say I would like to have my own Ben and Stella.