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A Perfect Storm by Lori Foster

A Perfect Storm by Lori Foster
Publisher: Harlequin Romances
Genre: Contemporary Suspense Romance
Length: 305 Pages


Spencer Lark already knows too many secrets about Arizona Storm, including the nightmare she survived and her resulting trust issues. But in order to expose a smuggling ring—and continue avenging his own tragic past—the bounty hunter reluctantly agrees to make Arizona a decoy. Yet nothing has equipped him for her hypnotic blend of fragility and bravery, or for the protective instincts she stirs in him.

First Time in PrintArizona wants to reclaim her life, which means acting as bait to lure the enemy into a trap. Sure it’s dangerous, especially with a partner as distractingly appealing as Spencer. But as their plan—and their chemistry—shifts into high gear, Arizona may discover there’s an even greater risk in surrendering her heart to a hero

Deb’s Review:

A Perfect Storm by Lori Foster was a amazing addition to the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series. I have waited a long time for Arizona’s story; and I am here to say it was well worth the wait.

A Perfect Storm had intensity to it as all the others, but there was a huge opening, to what made Arizona tick. Arizona is tough as nails in that: she knows how to gather Intel and she has her smarts about her. So when upon meeting Spencer for the first time she was a bit puzzled of the why this man to her was so different from the others.

Spence (LOL)He is so amazing for Arizona; he takes all that has happened in her past and is willing to help her through even her darkest hours in her nightmares. Arizona being a total knock-out is nothing to sneeze at either. After all Spence is an all, American red blooded man.

From chasing down the bad guys to them between the sheets, their chemistry in and out of the bedroom is explosive. The raped dialogue between these two is open and honest,with no hidden agendas.

The supporting characters are from the first three books. I enjoyed the same feel in this book as well as the others in this series that they all are connected, that their not just in the background for looks.

Chris, needs a story because I just adore that man. He was always so on to what everyone’s feelings were,and his tender moments with Arizona, well not so tender, *g* had me sighing as I thought what a wonderful addition he has become to this series.

Here is the laugh moment of the book for me. Spencer, Marla and Arizona scenes, there for a while I truly thought Marla was going to turn out to be some crazed obsessed lover.
The plotline was as brilliantly done as in the other books,with just enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat, some off the charts sex*woo baby*, and few special family moments to close this book.

Here is a my question for you, even though I am sure you’re asked this all the time. Is there going to be any more books in this series, Ms. Foster?

I am going to say given I have read this whole series, Lori Foster has made A Perfect Storm my favorite. I will treasure this series.

A Perfect Storm is a hot steamy, suspenseful offering from the popular writing talents of Lori Foster.

Rated 5 Stilettos and a Recommended Read